Party One Last Time

Party One Last Time

Bachelorette party

It is up to your friend to organize you your bachelorette party, one last party for you as a single girl. So it must be a night to remember. If you are planning this party, you have to have some things in mind. First of all, do not procrastinate, plan it three or more months before. Make sure that you include all the things the bride wants. Like what kind of cocktails she likes, will it be a loud and wild party, or down to earth and laid back. 104518363-GettyImages-121330106.1910x1000

You have to make sure that she has what she want because it is for her special day after all. You can even arrange a small trip to the spa, or at the beach. Opportunities are endless. Also, make sure that you have a guest list, ask your bride who she wants to invite to the party, and get their phone numbers, so you can send them to save the date messages. Few days before the party buy the accessories for the party like tiaras, novelty veil, candy jewelry and others.

Make it a day to remember

Your bridesmaids have been always there for you, so it is fitting to capture the bond and emotions that you share. Book a photo-shoot with them and cherish this moment forever. You can choose sentimental or crazy and fun shoot.

Bachelor party

You can arrange to have photos with them while they help you get ready for your big day or arrange some romantic outdoor shoot while you are all dolled up. Consult your photograph, and he will give you the list of ideas you can choose from.

Bachelor party

By being the best friend and best man of the groom, the bachelor party is for you to organize. Make sure to have a guest list, which should include friends and close family of the groom. This kind of party can take place almost everywhere. Mans are picky as the girls. Just make sure there are enough alcohol and cigarettes.


If you want to call a stripper, first make sure that the groom is all right with that, you don’t want to make his problems in the marriage that hasn’t even started. Gambling is also a must in bachelor parties, so make sure to stake up with the right equipment. The best time for the party is not the day before the wedding because no one wants a hangover, plan it a few days before.

Top Bridesmaids Dresses In 2018

Top Bridesmaids Dresses In 2018

After choosing a wedding dress, booking a menu and Dj, selecting food and cake, it is time to pick perfect wedding dress for your bridal party. I am going to break down the latest trends in bridal dresses in 2018.


It is an honor to be at your wedding party, but they also deserve to feel special and beautiful on your wedding day. You have to narrow down your option and choose a dress in which they would be comfortable, and also wear after your wedding. After choosing the theme and colors of your wedding, you also have to coordinate bridesmaid’s dresses with your color scheme. I suggest you first to go online or browse bridal magazines to get to know with actual styles.

This year there is so much to choose from. There are more fashion-forward dresses with the standout details from one shoulder dresses to the sequin gowns that would not upstage you.

One shoulder dresses

One shoulder dresses aren’t new, but today there are so many variations on this type of style. By choosing this style, you will achieve utter elegance. Silky long sleeves and draped fabrics will reveal a chest in one modest manner while giving the long and beautiful silhouette.

Floral prints dresses

These dresses are perfect for spring and summer weddings. This is a choice to go if you don’t want to restrict yourself to just one color. Floral dresses are very interesting and give you dimension, but also go well as a contrast to your white wedding dress.

Beaded dresses

If you go for a princess look, you can choose a beaded dress for your bridesmaids. Beaded dresses are so elegant and formal, so if you have the black-tie event, this is the best option.


You can choose from floor length and minis, whatever works for you. This will enhance the dreamy moment which you and your friends won’t ever forget.

Sequins dresses

If you hate dull dresses and want to party, sequins dresses are your thing. This dresses guarantee will pop out and brighten up your winter and fall wedding. This will not overshadow your gown but only complement it.

Dress with ruffles

This is an option if you have a romantic dress. These flowy dresses are going to go well with your theme. They can be very stylish and modern if they have a V-neckline or crossover shoulders.

Velvet dresses

If you want to get out of the box, and choose something unusual and not so often seen in weddings, there are velvet dresses. This will provide a touch of drama thanks to luxurious touch and fabric. And also this is the dress that your bridesmaids are going to wear afterword.

Choose The Best Theme For Your Wedding

Choose The Best Theme For Your Wedding

There truly are so many themes you can choose for your wedding. You can go for the country wedding, beach theme, Christmas theme, sports theme and many others.  Here we will give you best advice and inspiration to make your dream a reality.

Vintage wedding

When deciding on the theme, it is easier to choose right flowers, invitations, cake, colors, menu, and music. Today, one of the most popular themes is a vintage wedding. If you choose so, lace is a must. You can choose a wedding gown with a modern twist, or go for a more traditional dress. It is best to choose ivory, rose and a hint of gold colors.


People like vintage weddings because they are so elegant and romantic. Flowers also play a big part, and details like books, pearl and cages can also set a mood. The key points of vintage weddings are Victorian era, lace, big blooms, tea party, crystal and pearl details. The choice is up to you, and what you want to incorporate into your day.

Rustic wedding

The main point in a rustic wedding is the nature and making the connection with her on your big day. So you have to have an outdoor venue with wood details and lots of green embellishments. It also means that this is not a formal wedding which includes black ties but has a more natural feel. It will also reflect on your decoration, which has to be on a simple note. Nothing too extravagant, it has to have down to earth feel. Use antique decorations and simple flower arrangements.

Beach wedding

Some brides always dreamt of having a beach wedding. And this is a dream which could come thru by using light and pale color palette in which blue dominates. You can incorporate sand and seashells as decorative elements. Go wild and have maybe a seashell bouquet.


These kinds of weddings are also very popular because they are so romantic and relaxing. For a beach wedding, it is best to choose a nice flow dress, and you can even marry bear feet or even in the flip-flops. Enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise surrounded by the people you love.

Destination wedding

This kind if the wedding is often held in the setting far away from your home. Often this is the destination that the married couple chooses as their honeymoon location.


Resorts that host your wedding often have a wedding planner which can arrange everything that you wish. From food, music, venue, flowers, and cake, you can leave all to them. Destination weddings are often planed on the weekend, and followed by a variety of activates, designed for your family and friends.

Christmas wedding

Christmas weddings are so interesting and magical. The holiday spirit only enhances your happy day. There are so many options for this kind of wedding, but the decoration is probably the biggest part of it.

You also have to pick a winter wedding venue that will go with your theme. You can send Christmas card as invitations. The possibilities are endless.

How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Dress

The biggest part of wedding planning is choosing the right dress. This is something that we all dreamt about when we were little. Because this is a process, you must start early on. Buy a wedding magazine or go online to choose a style for a dress you like. Then book an appointment in the wedding gown salon, and the saleswomen are going to help you to pick the right one. Call you family and best friends, and enjoy this process.


Don’t ask how you are going to know that is the right one, believe me, you will feel it. After this, the next step is to order one for you, because in the salon you are only going to try the sample dress. A saleswoman is going to take you measurements and place an order. So this is why you have to start this process early only because depending on the style of the dress, you are going to wait between two to six months. After it arrives, you will have to go to the salon again to the fitting.

They always order a wedding dress one number bigger, and then tailor it on you, because of it possible to size it down, but is impossible to make it bigger, without noticing. You are probably going to have minimal two fittings. It is a long process and sometimes lasts even a year.

What is the right style for you?

You probably have an idea in your head for the style that you want, but you can also keep in mind your body type. You have to find a silhouette that will enhance your body best features. You have to know what your body type is, and keep in mind; you probably are not going to fit it only one type. Alongside with finding a right dress for your body type, you have to trust the consultant and try the dresses she pulls out for you.


She is in that business for years, so she probably knows what she is doing. Step a little out your comfort zone. One tip that I have for you is to do your hair and makeup, so it would be easier to envision how you are going to look on your wedding day and what kind of hair and makeup is suitable for your dress.

Dress for your body type

Petite brides should find a dress that is not overwhelming their small frame. It is not a good idea to go for ball gowns, keep it simple and choose beautiful romantic A style dress. If you are a plus-size bride, you want to enhance your waist.


The ball gown is choice for you. If you are a busty bride, you have to choose a perfect neckline.  The strapless gown can be challenging for you, but it will minimize your bust. If you choose sweetheart neckline to try one with straps and big skirt to balance the whole look. If you are the bride with a lean body type, you got a lot of options. Floor length gowns are made for you.

Check- List Of The Wedding Planning

Check- List Of The Wedding Planning

Book a venue

When deciding to get married, there are few major things that you have to take care and choose from. The first one must be a venue for your wedding. This is a tricky part because venues are usually booked months or even years ahead. So when you set a date, make sure to choose a venue as soon as possible.


Before making any decisions, you have to set a budget. Also, you have to have a list of the people you are planning to invite because every venue has amount of people that they can accommodate. Good advice is to check wedding and photograph blogs to see how the venue is a photograph because every couple wants to have beautiful photos of their day.

Decorate venue

After choosing the venue, you will have an idea how to decorate it. Keep it all I one theme, and make sure that the color of your venue goes well with the wedding dress, flowers, cake, bridesmaids dresses and others.

Wedding Day

This will help you latter to have stunning photos. Flowers play a big part of every wedding; they make sure that you have a magic and fairy tale scenery. You can incorporate them into luxurious bouquets or have dramatic arches to give you a day you will remember for the rest of your life. There are so many possibilities.

Find the right food

Food is also a big part of planning this whole process. You have to make sure that you choose the right food with whom you and your wedding guest are happy because everybody looks forward to this.


The venue that you booked could also have a food menu that can be included. So keep that in mind when looking for a venue. But if you have some idea of your own for the wedding, you can hire a catering service and give them a list of food that you want to have.

Music for your wedding

When it comes to your big day you want to have music that will please you and your guest needs. Some will go for a DJ, and some for a music bend or both. In the end, it is up to you, and what you want to have because in the end, it is your day. Finding the right balance can make your wedding even more memorable.