Tips On How To Make The Best Wedding Photos

Tips On How To Make The Best Wedding Photos

Over the year after shooting so many weddings, we collected few tips that can help you when you dive in on this adventure. First of all, it is an honor to be part of someone special day, but there is few thing that you need to know. Being a weddings photographer also involves being a portrait, landscape and family photographer. We will show you how to have stress free day, both for you, and the bride and groom. This can be so rewording job, especially when you have a happy and satisfied couple afterword.

What you have to do before the wedding?

Because of the lot circumcises that can happen, it is best to have a contract which will protect you and the couple if things go wrong. After the legal part is over, you can dedicate your attention to the venue. It is best to visit venue day before the special day, so after you can make a plan in your head how you want pictures to turn out.


Also take a look at the schedule of the wedding, so that you know when a certain activity is planned. Make sure that you have few props, like a nice empty picture frame or balloons which will bring up fun side in the images. Preparation is the key, and it is always better to be prepared than failed to do so.

At the wedding day

Have a quick talk with the bridesmaids and tell them to walk slowly and to smile. When they see the photos, they will thank you for this. At the ceremony, it is a good idea to have photos of just the bride. She has spent a lot of hours preparing for the special day so that she will be very grateful for this. Make sure to get some of the back of her dress.


Keep your eyes on the little details, including the decoration which can help you to tell the whole story at the end. Also make sure to capture little signs of affection, like holding a hand, how they look at each other… The bride and the groom will also want to have photos of everyone at the wedding, so make sure that you take a photo of every guest at the wedding.

After the wedding

Make sure that you give your couple everything that they ask for, and that they are happy with your work. Happy clients are best clients because they will probably recommend you to somebody.