There truly are so many themes you can choose for your wedding. You can go for the country wedding, beach theme, Christmas theme, sports theme and many others.  Here we will give you best advice and inspiration to make your dream a reality.

Vintage wedding

When deciding on the theme, it is easier to choose right flowers, invitations, cake, colors, menu, and music. Today, one of the most popular themes is a vintage wedding. If you choose so, lace is a must. You can choose a wedding gown with a modern twist, or go for a more traditional dress. It is best to choose ivory, rose and a hint of gold colors.


People like vintage weddings because they are so elegant and romantic. Flowers also play a big part, and details like books, pearl and cages can also set a mood. The key points of vintage weddings are Victorian era, lace, big blooms, tea party, crystal and pearl details. The choice is up to you, and what you want to incorporate into your day.

Rustic wedding

The main point in a rustic wedding is the nature and making the connection with her on your big day. So you have to have an outdoor venue with wood details and lots of green embellishments. It also means that this is not a formal wedding which includes black ties but has a more natural feel. It will also reflect on your decoration, which has to be on a simple note. Nothing too extravagant, it has to have down to earth feel. Use antique decorations and simple flower arrangements.

Beach wedding

Some brides always dreamt of having a beach wedding. And this is a dream which could come thru by using light and pale color palette in which blue dominates. You can incorporate sand and seashells as decorative elements. Go wild and have maybe a seashell bouquet.


These kinds of weddings are also very popular because they are so romantic and relaxing. For a beach wedding, it is best to choose a nice flow dress, and you can even marry bear feet or even in the flip-flops. Enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise surrounded by the people you love.

Destination wedding

This kind if the wedding is often held in the setting far away from your home. Often this is the destination that the married couple chooses as their honeymoon location.


Resorts that host your wedding often have a wedding planner which can arrange everything that you wish. From food, music, venue, flowers, and cake, you can leave all to them. Destination weddings are often planed on the weekend, and followed by a variety of activates, designed for your family and friends.

Christmas wedding

Christmas weddings are so interesting and magical. The holiday spirit only enhances your happy day. There are so many options for this kind of wedding, but the decoration is probably the biggest part of it.

You also have to pick a winter wedding venue that will go with your theme. You can send Christmas card as invitations. The possibilities are endless.