The biggest part of wedding planning is choosing the right dress. This is something that we all dreamt about when we were little. Because this is a process, you must start early on. Buy a wedding magazine or go online to choose a style for a dress you like. Then book an appointment in the wedding gown salon, and the saleswomen are going to help you to pick the right one. Call you family and best friends, and enjoy this process.


Don’t ask how you are going to know that is the right one, believe me, you will feel it. After this, the next step is to order one for you, because in the salon you are only going to try the sample dress. A saleswoman is going to take you measurements and place an order. So this is why you have to start this process early only because depending on the style of the dress, you are going to wait between two to six months. After it arrives, you will have to go to the salon again to the fitting.

They always order a wedding dress one number bigger, and then tailor it on you, because of it possible to size it down, but is impossible to make it bigger, without noticing. You are probably going to have minimal two fittings. It is a long process and sometimes lasts even a year.

What is the right style for you?

You probably have an idea in your head for the style that you want, but you can also keep in mind your body type. You have to find a silhouette that will enhance your body best features. You have to know what your body type is, and keep in mind; you probably are not going to fit it only one type. Alongside with finding a right dress for your body type, you have to trust the consultant and try the dresses she pulls out for you.


She is in that business for years, so she probably knows what she is doing. Step a little out your comfort zone. One tip that I have for you is to do your hair and makeup, so it would be easier to envision how you are going to look on your wedding day and what kind of hair and makeup is suitable for your dress.

Dress for your body type

Petite brides should find a dress that is not overwhelming their small frame. It is not a good idea to go for ball gowns, keep it simple and choose beautiful romantic A style dress. If you are a plus-size bride, you want to enhance your waist.


The ball gown is choice for you. If you are a busty bride, you have to choose a perfect neckline.  The strapless gown can be challenging for you, but it will minimize your bust. If you choose sweetheart neckline to try one with straps and big skirt to balance the whole look. If you are the bride with a lean body type, you got a lot of options. Floor length gowns are made for you.