Bachelorette party

It is up to your friend to organize you your bachelorette party, one last party for you as a single girl. So it must be a night to remember. If you are planning this party, you have to have some things in mind. First of all, do not procrastinate, plan it three or more months before. Make sure that you include all the things the bride wants. Like what kind of cocktails she likes, will it be a loud and wild party, or down to earth and laid back. 104518363-GettyImages-121330106.1910x1000

You have to make sure that she has what she want because it is for her special day after all. You can even arrange a small trip to the spa, or at the beach. Opportunities are endless. Also, make sure that you have a guest list, ask your bride who she wants to invite to the party, and get their phone numbers, so you can send them to save the date messages. Few days before the party buy the accessories for the party like tiaras, novelty veil, candy jewelry and others.

Make it a day to remember

Your bridesmaids have been always there for you, so it is fitting to capture the bond and emotions that you share. Book a photo-shoot with them and cherish this moment forever. You can choose sentimental or crazy and fun shoot.

Bachelor party

You can arrange to have photos with them while they help you get ready for your big day or arrange some romantic outdoor shoot while you are all dolled up. Consult your photograph, and he will give you the list of ideas you can choose from.

Bachelor party

By being the best friend and best man of the groom, the bachelor party is for you to organize. Make sure to have a guest list, which should include friends and close family of the groom. This kind of party can take place almost everywhere. Mans are picky as the girls. Just make sure there are enough alcohol and cigarettes.


If you want to call a stripper, first make sure that the groom is all right with that, you don’t want to make his problems in the marriage that hasn’t even started. Gambling is also a must in bachelor parties, so make sure to stake up with the right equipment. The best time for the party is not the day before the wedding because no one wants a hangover, plan it a few days before.