Who We Are…Two Texas girls, two passions – to create beautiful art out of the people and places we photograph, and to bring glory to God while living out purposeful days.

We’d describe ourselves as different, but we really are quite similar – we love Jesus, our Texas roots, growing this business, being outside, eating Mexican food, Anthropologie, photography, and people – we absolutely love meeting new people and making our clients our friends.

What We Do…We are a duo wedding photography team, we thrive off creating beautiful art out of the documentation of your wedding day vision. We crave natural light and interesting perspectives. We do believe in details. Our compositions mesh well, creating a collection of images that are cohesive in style, but unique in approach.

How We Do What We Do…We photograph with Canon 5D Mark III DSLR cameras, a Contax 645 film camera, and a Canon 1V film camera, a variety of lenses, and on and off-camera flash, but again…we crave natural light, and work with ambient light whenever possible. We take a documentation approach to your wedding festivities…We are there for putting on the dress, the first look, the last dance & all the in between. If it’s a moment worth remembering, it’s one worth photographing.

Drop us a note, we’d love to chat! info@loftphotographie.com